Learning Not to React

So often, we want to fix something very quickly, someone upset us, or we upset someone, and we want it taken care of RIGHT NOW. Why is that? Because it feels uncomfortable in our body. It feels chaotic, our body is in low simmer or all out boil, and we want it to stop. Fixing isn’t always the right answer or the right way. If we react too quickly, we say things we regret, make offers we cannot keep.

What can we do instead? We can slow down our breath, inhale and exhale until we feel the chest stress dissipate. Sometimes we have to leave the situation to do this, go to another room or outside. We can also lay on a bed or a floor and pound our hands and feet into a pillow or the bed, or the floor. This lets the ball of urgency out so we can think clearly again.

If you are willing, begin to practice not reacting with small situations first. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. And allow yourself room for errors.

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  1. Glenn Cordes says:

    So simple yet so profound. Found your site from a post by Rachel Grantz.

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