The Gift of Rose Oil

This month offers us Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is the holiday of the heart. Love of self and love of others. There is a important oil that supports your emotions and feelings of Love.
ROSE Essential Oil
Rose is a true gift to self and those you love. Rose EO supports your hormones, a healthy libido, has been known to relieve anxiety, aid in healthy emotions and for many users it helps as an aid in supporting the challenges of depression and anxiety. Rose oil is also a gift to your skin. It is more expensive that some others because it takes 22 pounds of Rose petals to create one 5 ml bottle. Rose oil is very potent, and very concentrated.
How do you use Rose Essential Oil?
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To support an increase in your Libido: Rub two drops on your neck and diffuse it in your home or bedroom.
To support you through heavy emotions: Rose on your heart area and the base of your head, occipital area. 
To support healthy skin: dab one drop of rose essential oil on blemishes, scars, or mars three times a day. Make sure you use a sterile cotton swab; you can apply it with a coconut oil if you prefer.
There are many benefits of Rose Essential Oil. It strengthens gums and supports hair growth, and does wonders for the skin.
A friend of mine has this to say about Rose: “I read about Rose Essential Oil and decided to try it. I had some old acne scarring and as I aged it was getting even uglier. I added rose to my bedtime routine. After several weeks, my skin seemed to be firmer and my scars started to diminish. My face looks more radiant and my skin has a lovely glow. I cannot say enough about Rose! Thank you Young Living!”
Support love of self this month by treating yourself to Rose, an oil that loves you back! 

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