Deepen Your Intuition:

Winter has the potential to give us quiet space, time to reflect, time to breathe, time to develop after the busy buzz of the holidays. Winter has the potential to be time well spent delving into the parts of us that we tend to neglect. I invite you to take a walk with me…
Connecting to Your Wise Intuitive Self
Soulspeak is offering this incredible new 12 Week Program to help you connect your soul with                               your physical life on a very deep level. What are your wishes? Are you able to manifest them? Or understand why they may not be coming true? Are you reading yourself correctly? Are you able to read others clearly? Are you living the Life of a Healer as you are meant to? Do we see our relationships with others clearly? On a Soul level? When we stay in this place we have better physical health and less drama.
This program Includes:
*12 Individual (one on one 30 minutes with Meg) Sessions
*Understanding the need for quiet
*Connecting with those nuances
*Spending time understanding where your blocks are held in your self/body
*Spending time in practice reading another other one on one
*Allowing time to heal
Each session will be held as a phone or Zoom session. Why is the phone so important for this work? We are energetic beings and are able to access each other even when we are not together. You will learn to connect with another on that very deep level when you are miles apart.
$720 for all 12
Join me as we explore the wonderful unknown.

Learning To Love with Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are tricky business. Some would say it is a subjective business. But is it really? Living with healthy boundaries is most definitely a challenge especially with those we care about. Sometimes we think we know what they need better than they do. Sometimes we take care of others when they haven’t asked for help or even wanted help. Sometimes we give unwanted advice. Sometimes we base our actions on what we think will make someone like us more, or teach them a lesson. Sometimes we worry about the needs of others more than our own, and end up lonely and resentful. Sometimes we say we are giving unconditionally, when we are actually expecting something in return.
Does any of this sound familiar? Are you aware when you are not practicing healthy boundaries? Do you know how to do this in way that is good for you? Do you acknowledge when you ARE honoring yourself and others?
Fall is a key time to take stock of those relationship boundaries.  I encourage you to look at each relationship. And of course your relationship with self. Trust me, you will know yourself better when you work towards this.   
Because this is such a struggle for so many, I am offering a 10 week program. Why? Because boundary work is essential for a healthy self. 
With this package, we will work closely together, 10 sessions, 45 minutes each, 10 weeks, All via phone, face-time or Zoom. No exceptions and no sharing because this work is just for you.
10 Sessions * 45 Minutes Each Session
$900 for all 10

Living In Abundance Workshop Wednesday Evenings

Minneapolis, MN

Learn to Live More Joyfully

Join Meg Michaelson for a powerful 8-week workshop to learn how to mindfully live a life with more fun, joy, play, authenticity and risk.

During this 8-week workshop, you will learn what tools, activities and light fun exercises can help you develop joy, self-confidence, healthy boundaries and more conscious reactions to your feelings so you can move into a full abundant life.
8-week course on Wednesdays beginning February 21, 2018


Minneapolis, MN
Course is limited to 20 people